Curtain & Drapery Cleaning in New York


If you’re wondering “who are the best drapery cleaners in my area?” Look no more! At Cleantex, we have been experts at cleaning all types of curtains and drapes for over 100 years! Our professional cleaning technicians will clean your curtains properly without causing any harm, no matter what materials they are made of.  Whether it’s silk, lace, or anything else, we have the tools and techniques to get it clean!  If there is any evidence of fraying or flaws on your drapes, we can fix that for you as well.

We employ techniques that are based on cutting-edge technology and get the best results. Our procedures are 100% natural and organic, extending the life of your items and giving them the fresh appearance you desire.

First, we evaluate your curtains thoroughly and make a list of any potential problems, such as a deep stain or significant fraying.

We analyze the best cleaning procedures and then offer you with the specifics. We’ll continue with the remainder of the procedure once you’ve acknowledged our request. All stains are pre-treated so that they may be removed successfully throughout the cleaning procedure.